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Tallapaka is a village in Rajampet mandal of Kadapa district. The village is famous as the birth place of renowned Saint, Annamacharya, who is believed to be the incarnation of Lord Venkateshwara’s Nandaka or Sword. His bountiful contributions for telugu literature, doubled the fame of Tallapaka. There are poems called as “Dwipada”, written by Tallapaka Chinnanna, grandson of Annamacharya, which highlights the life and work of this great saint.

Annamacharya is the earliest known musician of South India to compose devotional songs on Lord Venkateshwara, making invaluable contribution to music and literature, during 15th century. He composed more than thirty two thousand “Sankeerthanas” or Sacred Hymns, on palm leaves, in praise of Lord Venkateshwara, which were later engraved on copper plates by his son Tirumalacharya. Most of these copper plates lay unnoticed for nearly 400 years in a rock built cell opposite to the Hundi in the Tirumala Temple. About twenty five hundred copper plates, comprising of about fourteen thousand Sankeerthanas were found in the year 1922.

In the year 1982, a Dhyana Mandiram (Meditation hall) was constructed at Tallapaka in memory of this great saint. Every year, the TTD honours Annamacharya by organizing his jayanti (birth anniversary) and vardhanti (death anniversary), during which special rituals and devotional services are performed. Very recently a statue of Saint Annamacharya, nearly 108 feet high, was erected in Tallapaka by his 12th descendent.

Tallapaka is also famous for the temple of Chennakeswara swami which is close to Annamacharya temple. There are many temples located in the premises of the Chennakeswara swami temple. The uniqueness of this temple lies in the idol of Lord Vishnu holding a Sudarshanachakra along with Lord Santana Gopalakrishna. It is believed that one such temple also exists in Kashi. In the same temple premises, there is a temple of Lord Hanuman and Lord Garuthmanthuda (Lord Garuda, the ascend of Lord Vishnu), with his rare idol.

The Siddheswara swami temple with Lord Siva as its presiding deity, also adorns Tallapaka. This temple is one of its kind as the side wall of this temple has a hole through which sun rays enter in the month of November. It’s the month of Karthika, and is considered holy, in Hindu culture. Another worth noting fact is that Nandi (the Bull, Lord Siva’s mount) is outside the temple and not in front of the idol, facing it. There is also an idol of Veerabhadra Swami, who is said to be the destroyer of Daksha Yagnam (…….) performed by Dakshaprajapathi (father of Goddess Parvati), in the premises of this temple. A legend goes behind the existence of this idol in the temple.

The tale goes that Dakshudu was holding a Yagnam and did not invite his son-in-law, Lord Shiva, and daughter, Goddess Parvati. Goddess Parvati repeatedly asked her husband, Lord Shiva, if she can attend the function. Though He was not willing, Lord Shiva hesitantly granted Her permission to attend the function. In the function, She was not given the due respect by her father and even Her husband was not honoured though He did not attend the function. Goddess Parvati could not bear the insult and burnt herself in the fire of the Yagnam. This made Lord Siva furious and He thus emerged as Lord Veerabhadra swami to destroy Dakshudu. Hence Lord Shiva in the form of Veerabhadra swami exist in the temple.

In the same temple premises there is a beautiful statue of Ekatatthayya, in the sitting posture. He was a king and a brilliant man and had all the happiness that one could ask for. The only suffering he had was severe headache which he could not get rid of even after undergoing all the treatments and taking proper medications. He then started worshipping Lord Shiva and in the due course, pleased with his penance, Lord Siva relieved him of his pain. The Lord also gave him a boon that whoever, suffering from severe headache or migraine, touches their head three times against the idol of Ekatathayya, would be comforted from the pain. Even today if people, suffering from migraine, hit their head against the idol three times, will be relieved of their pain.


Tallapaka can be visited anytime in the year. During the birth and death anniversary celebrations of Annamayya, large crowd horde the place. If you are on a leisure trip, then this time would not be recommended, unless you are willing to attend these ceremonies.

There are dormitories around the temple where you have limited rooms during the peak seasons. Advance bookings are recommended during this time if you are willing to stay here. You also have other nearby towns like Rajampet, Cuddapah and Renigunta where there are good accommodation facilities. From luxury hotels (generally 2-star hotels) to budget rooms with basic amenities, you have them all.


Tallapaka is about 48kms from Kadapa town, 91kms from Tirupati and 4kms from Rajampet, a small town in Kadapa. Tallapaka is well connected by road. There are regular buses from Kadapa and Rajampet to Tallapaka. You can also hire a taxi from Kadapa which hardly takes an hour to reach Tallapaka.

Tallapaka has a good network of railways and the nearest railway stations are at Rajampet, Kadapa and Renigunta.

The nearest airports are at Tirupati, Bangalore and Hyderabad each at a distance of 91kms, 300kms and 472kms respectively. You can take a flight to any of these places and then from there you have train or bus, to reach Kadapa. Once you get down at Kadapa, Tallapaka is an hours journey

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